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The phrase “going green” often carries a negative connotation in the business world, because business owners and managers often associate making changes to become more environmentally friendly with increased costs. However, businesses that go green can improve quality.

Going green can be expensive in the short term, but in the long term, many changes often pay for themselves. For example, a business that makes a conscious move to recycle more and produce less waste may Continue reading ‘How Going Green Will Improve Business Quality’


Even a cursory examination of the modern business landscape reveals numerous companies are going green. Questions may arise regarding why the business community would be so interested in acting in a more environmentally friendly manner.

One reason is pure economics. Running a business in a green manner can be less costly. For example, purchasing more energy efficiency computers, copiers and fax machines definitely can lead to much lower energy bills. Reducing costs in this manner could mean an Continue reading ‘Why More Companies Are Going Green Today’


Businesses and manufacturers that are in search of a way to build a more robust and wider customer base would do well to consider going green. Ensuring that your products, services and working process are as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible can make you a far more attractive option to consumers and customers who wish to invest their money in greener alternatives. Exploring the ways and opportunities that you have to create a more sustainable business and brand can be Continue reading ‘Going Green Will Make You More Consumer Friendly’


Whether you work from home on your Hughes Net connection or you’ve got your own small office with a few employees to boot there are a lot of simple ways you can cut waste at work. Here are some suggestions for making YOUR office a greener place to be:

Unplug: You’ve heard the adage but it’s actually true – even off appliances that remain plugged in have a way of sucking electricity. Not only is unplugging good for the planet but it’s a money saver, too!

Go Paperless: The entire work world is trending this way but wouldn’t it be great to get rid of all that office clutter? Get a copier that sends electronically and never waste time with paper again – only print emails if it’s a necessity.

Start a Collection: Of recycling, of course! Have your staff bring in old newspapers and make sure to keep a compost area for things like old coffee grounds. It’s a great way to combine resources and give back at the end of the workday and while you’re transitioning to paperless at least you can do some good!


Green is the new buzzword and its easy to see why. With all the benefits of going green it can be hard to see why anyone would chose not to go green. Going green saves money and the environment. Because it is so trendy going green is a great way to attract new customers.

Going green can be a simple as using recycled products and encouraging to customers to recycle, to a complete overhaul of how a company does business. Some restauranta have started composting their waste food. There are thousands of ways to go green and many Continue reading ‘New Small Business Owners – Consider Going Green’


Many people did not know that if they go green, they will save money on their electric bills. It is also very beneficial to the environment for those that did not know that. Drafts and water stripping is important to do in your home, if you want to save your electric bills. Energy star light bulbs is a very good way to save money on your electric bills. They also last 10 times longer than the average light bulb. This is definitely a good investment, because you will Continue reading ‘How Going Green Will Save Your Electric Bills’


Since the beginning of time, mankind and all other living beings have relied on the environment. We have always needed the soil and the rain, and the materials for shelter that the earth provide. It seems only natural that we would see fit to preserve such an invaluable provider of resources. Us as humans are constantly progressing, and we have plenty to show for it. Simple conveniences that we have now, were a task centuries before. Think about something as simple as water; Continue reading ‘Why Going Green Should Be The Law For Big Businesses’


For large corporations doing mass production of work, the amount of harmful toxins which the factories you employ, can really harm the environment. Also, they cost plenty of money to run, and aren’t giving your business the best buzz around the community, since you are destroying the environment. Therefore, when considering new equipment, new plant design, and new office products for your mass manufacturing business, companys should consider the option of “going green,” and purchasing Continue reading ‘Why Government Offers Tax Incentives To Green Businesses’

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