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Archive for August, 2011

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Green is the new buzzword and its easy to see why. With all the benefits of going green it can be hard to see why anyone would chose not to go green. Going green saves money and the environment. Because it is so trendy going green is a great way to attract new customers. Going [...]


Many people did not know that if they go green, they will save money on their electric bills. It is also very beneficial to the environment for those that did not know that. Drafts and water stripping is important to do in your home, if you want to save your electric bills. Energy star light [...]


Since the beginning of time, mankind and all other living beings have relied on the environment. We have always needed the soil and the rain, and the materials for shelter that the earth provide. It seems only natural that we would see fit to preserve such an invaluable provider of resources. Us as humans are [...]


For large corporations doing mass production of work, the amount of harmful toxins which the factories you employ, can really harm the environment. Also, they cost plenty of money to run, and aren’t giving your business the best buzz around the community, since you are destroying the environment. Therefore, when considering new equipment, new plant [...]

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