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For large corporations doing mass production of work, the amount of harmful toxins which the factories you employ, can really harm the environment. Also, they cost plenty of money to run, and aren’t giving your business the best buzz around the community, since you are destroying the environment. Therefore, when considering new equipment, new plant design, and new office products for your mass manufacturing business, companys should consider the option of “going green,” and purchasing environmentally friendly and safe products for business needs, rather than harmful products, which emit the most harmful and noxious gases into our environment on a daily basis.

Not only is going green a great way to help the environment, and look good in your community, it is a great way to save money for your business. Although some of these products do cost more to purchase up front (out of pocket expenses), the government offers tax rebates and tax incentives to those companies who purchase green products today. During tax time, companies can deduct the purchase (or a certain portion of it) from their bottom line, and mark it as a business expense in order to get a refund (and not have to pay taxes on it).

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