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Since the beginning of time, mankind and all other living beings have relied on the environment. We have always needed the soil and the rain, and the materials for shelter that the earth provide. It seems only natural that we would see fit to preserve such an invaluable provider of resources. Us as humans are constantly progressing, and we have plenty to show for it. Simple conveniences that we have now, were a task centuries before. Think about something as simple as water; we get it from a tap, our ancestors had to get it from a well. Our growing population and progressive mentality has ushered in a new kind of necessity, big business. A large business can effectively provide for a broad spectrum of consumers, at little cost to the consumer themselves. This day in age, we rely on the business to provide for us more than the actual environment. We as consumers have placed our trust in these businesses to provide for us, through mutual buy-sell relationships. However when said businesses betray the environment that we all depend on, they in turn, betray all of us. Green requirements for big businesses, mean better quality of life for everyone.

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