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Whether you work from home on your Hughes Net connection or you’ve got your own small office with a few employees to boot there are a lot of simple ways you can cut waste at work. Here are some suggestions for making YOUR office a greener place to be:

Unplug: You’ve heard the adage but it’s actually true – even off appliances that remain plugged in have a way of sucking electricity. Not only is unplugging good for the planet but it’s a money saver, too!

Go Paperless: The entire work world is trending this way but wouldn’t it be great to get rid of all that office clutter? Get a copier that sends electronically and never waste time with paper again – only print emails if it’s a necessity.

Start a Collection: Of recycling, of course! Have your staff bring in old newspapers and make sure to keep a compost area for things like old coffee grounds. It’s a great way to combine resources and give back at the end of the workday and while you’re transitioning to paperless at least you can do some good!

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