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Even a cursory examination of the modern business landscape reveals numerous companies are going green. Questions may arise regarding why the business community would be so interested in acting in a more environmentally friendly manner.

One reason is pure economics. Running a business in a green manner can be less costly. For example, purchasing more energy efficiency computers, copiers and fax machines definitely can lead to much lower energy bills. Reducing costs in this manner could mean an increase in profits.

The other reason would simply be a manner of staying on top of trends. A green company is a hip one. When a company gains a reputation for being new, innovative and hip, the company may end up being seen in a more positive light by consumers. Once it is seen in a more positive light, the company just might draw in a large amount of new customers.

Of course, there are companies that go green because they to be better stewards of the environment. There are managers and owners of companies that wish to do the right thing as far as environmental impacts are concerned. Going green helps them reduce their carbon footprint and help contribute to conservation.

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