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The phrase “going green” often carries a negative connotation in the business world, because business owners and managers often associate making changes to become more environmentally friendly with increased costs. However, businesses that go green can improve quality.

Going green can be expensive in the short term, but in the long term, many changes often pay for themselves. For example, a business that makes a conscious move to recycle more and produce less waste may be able to cut the cost of what it spends on trash removal.Confused? Here ‘s a little help . A company that reduces its packaging to reduce waste will save money by not needing as much packaging material. Companies that make energy-efficient improvements, such as fluorescent lighting with cut-off switches or installing low-flow toilets, will see savings in their energy bill. All of these things improve business quality by boosting a company’s bottom line.

Going green also has intangible benefits for companies as well. For example, a company that makes environmentally friendly changes may boost its reputation with its customers, which may lead to more business. Being environmentally friendly may also help a business to attract better employees, which may make it more efficient and also produce a better work environment.

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